Finding The Best Water Damage Companies: My Honest Advice

As someone who has seen a lot of water damage in her day due to living in a high-flood zone, I can safely say that I know a lot about finding the best water damage companies. Oh, you may think it’s difficult, but it’s not at all. It only takes a little know-how and being proactive in not letting anyone pull the wool over your eyes.

water splash damage

No we’re not talking about that kind of “water damage.”

The first thing you want to look for is a company in your area with a good reputation. A good reputation is everything in damage repair. Next, you want a company that has certified and educated technicians. Don’t get a guy who went to a class twenty years ago and is using those old techniques. Get someone who keeps up his or her education every year and isn’t afraid to change how things are done.

Off the top of my head, there are 2 water damage companies I recommend: Restorerepair in Atlanta does great water restoration damage work and SeriousRestoration in Charlotte for flood water repair.

The best water damage companies are the ones that work with you, not just for you. They should keep you clued into what’s going on and give you quotes along the way. You want a company that is wholly transparent. Good luck in your search, and may your water damage be long gone soon!

The 101 On Smoke Damage And How It Affects Your Home

It is said where there is smoke there is fire; generally, it is fire that leads to the smoke damage. Repairs to your home after smoke damage can be a DIY project or one that needs the expertise of a professional.

The repairs vary depending on the damage in question.

The damages and repair work range from:

Blisters and Bubbles

In some instance, a bit of fire might be present and all the heat generated will cause the painting to have blisters and bubbles. Some of the blisters may even affect the structural integrity of the wall. A bit of putty to repair, the blisters will do the magic. Sanding, priming, and re-painting the wall we be the main repair process for such a case. Smoke is especially prevalent in places like Miami, so if you need someone to help you out with either smoke or water damage, check out MiracleRestoration in Miami.

Charring and Soot

This is where the paint is charred or covered by soot or both as is in most situations. Cleaning heavy charring or soot from the wall might be impossible hence re-painting is the only viable repair solution. Thus scrapping off the charred and soot covered paint will be necessary.

The Smell of Smoke

The smell of smoke might not go away event after doing the repairs. This is because this is damage at a molecular level. It may require replace some of the fixtures and furniture for the odor to go away. Baking soda, vinegar, air fresheners, ozone generators are just some of the things that will be effective in getting rid of the smell. In areas such as Arizona, either Mesa or Phoenix, it can get very hard to tell the smoke smell from the regular air smell. This Mesa restoration company (Fixthatwater) is excellent at discerning between the two.

P.S. If you’re interested in water damage, be sure to check out this article on how to clean up water damage on THW.

Fixing Water Damage in a Home

The heavy rain which continued for 3 days at a stretch ended up flooding the basement of my house. The water was creating havoc in the basement by inundating some of my valuable possessions which were stored in the basement. We were at an utter loss as to what should be our next step in getting rid of the massive amount of water in the basement. This is when my wife searched the internet and found some important tips to fix a water damage in a home.

1. First thing is to disconnect the power and unplug and remove all electrical item from the basement. Remove the furniture and other movable items as soon as possible. Pull up the carpets and under-padding in the area. The carpet could be saved if you get it disinfected and cleaned immediately.

2. The manual way of getting rid of water include using buckets, old towels and mops. This will help to soak up the water as much as possible and get it out. A wet or dry vacuum could also be used for sucking out the water. Be careful when plugging the vacuum as most of the plug-bases could be wet, which could result in short-circuits and shocks.

3. The next step is to dry the area using fans and dehumidifiers. Open all windows and allow the air to circulate. It will help to dry the area quite faster.

The above steps involve a lot of work, which could mainly depend on the area inundated. If you think it is too much work for you and your family to handle, call a professional water restoration company immediately.

However if all these steps fail in the end, you could always just hire someone to do the work for you. For example, we live in Austin, and we just got someone in Austin to do our water damage restoration.